Type 2 Diabetes

Diabetes is an illness that affects millions of Americans. In 2017, 90-95% of the 30.3 million
people in the United States living with diabetes suffered from type II diabetes. Caused most often
by overweight and a lack of physical fitness, type II diabetes makes the body unable to
properly use the insulin it produces. Symptoms of the disease include increased hunger and
thirst, blurry vision, fatigue, skin irritations, sores that won’t heal, and more.

Symptoms of type II diabetes negatively affect a patient’s energy levels, chronic pain, range of
motion, stamina and more, making overall wellness much harder to achieve. Functional
wellness practitioners are uniquely situated to offer a range of treatment options and support that
empowers patients to elevate all aspects of their health.

We have many patients that benefit from our treatment options for type II diabetes. Learn more
about each service we provide:

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