About Us



Whether you’re dealing with an injury, neck or back pain, migraine headaches, or even something as serious as cancer, the one constant is that it can be a debilitating, exhausting experience, both physically and emotionally. Our Atlanta chiropractors and wellness specialists understand what you’re going through and want to partner with you in achieving your ultimate health using holistic methods and natural treatments.

Natural Health And Wellness

Lake Pointe Wellness Center is staffed by individuals who can help your search for a natural alternative to your ultimate health and wellness. We are ready to show you a different way to dedicate treatments and strategies for your overall health and well-being.

  • We use only innovative, non-invasive diagnostic tests and non-surgical treatments to relieve pain and treat illness.
  • Our chiropractic care approach is centered on patient comfort.
  • Our holistic health strategies are designed to create a foundation of pain-free, lifelong healthy living.

Stop Living With Pain

These days, it’s common for your body to be in a constant state of pain or stress.  Many people are living on muscle relaxers, pain killers, and anti-inflammatory medications just to cope. We want to restore your ability to live without pain naturally so that you can embrace life and live it to its fullest.

Learn More About Our Services

Lake Point Wellness’ staff have a passion for what they do. Our natural health and wellness focus is centered around you and your family. Your body is in a constant state of change; you need the latest natural healthcare to help you keep pace. Our Atlanta chiropractors can treat ailments naturally and create a plan for natural wellness maintenance.