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Back Pain

The Best Ways to Reduce Back Pain

Back pain

If you suffer from back pain, you’re not alone. Pain in the back is the second most common reason for doctor visits nationwide. As common as it is, back pain can come in many different forms. It can also range from a dull ache to a sharp pain. Depending on the type of pain you…

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What Are the Most Common Causes of Back Pain?

Back pain is a common issue for many people, and there are numerous causes for it. For example, someone might suffer from back pain because of a lack of movement or the way they sleep at night. Age also plays a huge factor in a variety of pains, especially those in the back. Lastly, several…

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Five Everyday Activities that Could Be Causing You Pain

Do you focus on healthy living? Many people strive every day to take the best care of their body as they possibly can. However, even when making the best choices, you can still be doing things inadvertently and causing pain. Unfortunately, these little bad habits can build into big problems. So, what are these five…

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What Is Decompression Therapy?

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Are you or a loved one suffering from chronic pain or symptoms? If so, it might be time to consider decompression therapy. Chronic pain largely affects an individual’s everyday life by causing discomfort, decreasing mobility, and causing an overall inferior quality of life. Decompression Therapy – What Is It? Decompression therapy is a modern traction…

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Four Ways to Make Your Workspace Work for You

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Does your workspace help or hinder your overall wellness? If you work at a desk, it can be bad for your posture and your health. Constant sitting in one place can lead to numerous aches and pains. Not to mention, a sedentary job can result in weight gain, high blood pressure, and heart problems. As…

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Is It Safe to Get a Massage While Pregnant?

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Massage therapy is a wonderful way to help with aches and pains throughout the body. It can even help people deal with their anxiety and depression. That said, some people are unsure if it is safe to receive massages – especially women who are pregnant. Pregnant women are aware that massages could relieve some of their…

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Thermographic Breast Exam Screening

Thermal Imaging “Visualizes” Pain, Injuries & Disease Thermography is the EARLIEST detection for breast disease because the digital, infrared technology monitors the function of the breast tissue to detect abnormal changes even BEFORE a tumor can develop which allows for the earliest possible intervention and prevention. The scanning is done without any pain, radiation, or…

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Headaches and Other Surprising Things Massage Can Help

Photo by Yoann Boyer on Unsplash

Massage can help you in many ways that you may not even think it could. It has been helping thousands of people with different ailments for centuries. Massage is something that everyone needs to get into. In this article, you will learn about headaches and other surprising things massage can help. What is Massage Therapy?…

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Three Exercises to Help Heal Sports Injuries

  Many people know that exercise and stretching help to heal sports injuries. But, they are unaware of what exercises to do. In this article, you will learn three exercises to help heal sports injuries.   Foam Roller Exercises Using a foam roller to stretch the muscles is great to ease yourself into your sport again.…

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The Best Yoga Poses for Back Pain

Back pain is no joke, and the majority of people will suffer from it at least once during their lifetimes. As you age, the risk of developing back pain increases, a result of both changing habits and wear and tear. Fortunately, many doctors believe stretching exercises such as yoga help not only prevent but also…

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