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Archive for May 2017

Slimming Down with Natural Fiber

  Weight loss can be tough, especially when you have to wait to see results. The good news is, natural fiber is an aid in not only losing weight, but whole body wellness. Increasing your natural fiber intake is a superb way to feel great from the outset and get healthier, longer lasting results. Natural…

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Seasonal Foods and Holistic Medicine

Are you feeling under the weather? Do you want to change your diet to promote healthy eating? Are you worried about healthy snacking habits? Nature has the solutions to your problems. Holistic medicine uses a huge range of supportive treatments to help patients recover and thrive, but one of the most important keys to good…

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Fighting Diabetes Through Your Drinks

Few conditions are so closely tied to holistic medicine as diabetes, and few consumables sabotage patients like their drinks. While most people know to mind what they eat when fighting¬†diabetes, drinking incredibly unhealthy beverages is still part of their daily lives. Most coffee creamer comes packed with sugar, and artificial flavors often add to the…

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