Alkaline Water System

These days, because we eat processed foods and consume drinks that are laden with acidity, our bodies have become more acidic. Acidic diets lead to a decrease in energy, insomnia, unexplained aches and pain, acid reflux, colitis, high blood pressure, diabetes, weight gain and much more. With the consumption of alkaline water, it is believed to decrease and eradicate many of these ailments.

The Kangen water system is a home product that has been produced in Japan to allow everyday consumers to change the pH level of our drinking water. It uses titanium plates and electricity to ionize water passing through it to increase or decrease the pH level of the water. Drinking liquids that are acidic tend to oxidize the body and create free radicals. However, when consuming liquids with an alkaline pH level, you’re able to counteract the negative effects of acidic living.

Lake Pointe Wellness Center has the Kangen Water System available for you to test out. Stop by to try the water and to speak to Dr. Deb about how you can use this system to bring your body back to natural health.

Try it for free in our office. Lake Pointe Wellness will supply you with Kangen water for 30 days for free. Just call us, come in, bring a jug and fill it up! Tel: 770.974.5215