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Katy Pair

Katy was born and raised in Marietta, GA, and has been with Lake Pointe Wellness Center since 2017. She has an immense passion for natural health and wellness. Her life was changed forever when she decided to take a holistic approach to her own health in 2016. She was able to naturally combat the symptoms of pre-diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and a hormone disorder called polycystic ovarian syndrome. Where prescribed medications were not helping her, a functional approach to her health did. Along with her passion for natural health and wellness, she also enjoys learning anything and everything, listening and dancing to music, taking the road less traveled, and managing business operations.

Nettie Von Demmel

Nettie is a Georgia native whose passion for non-conventional medicine was ignited by her experience with fitness and personal training. Nettie looks forward to bringing her expertise and encouragement to each and every patient at Lake Pointe Wellness Center. By providing consistent client care and education, she strives that each patient feels welcomed, understood and guided toward optimum health. In her free time, Nettie loves spending time with her loving and large family making memories outdoors. Visiting museums, attending concerts, and traveling as often as life allows while practicing yoga and meditation are a few of her other favorite things. Lastly, she loves to pick up a paintbrush and repurpose older generation furniture into something new and beautiful.

Molly Ports

Molly has been with Lake Pointe Wellness Center for three years now. She has watched it grow and has seen several patients transform their lives. She truly enjoys being a witness to these transformations. Molly is originally from Maryland and has been in Georgia for six years now. “Ya’ll” is a frequent word in her vocabulary now and she wouldn’t have it any other way!

Kali Parker

Kali takes pride in getting to know our patients and assisting them with their therapies. One of her goals is to bring a comfortable, light-hearted energy to the office. In her off time, you can usually find Kali outdoors or at the park with her husband and 3-year-old daughter. She also enjoys a great movie night at home with friends and family.

Jalesse Soltren

Jalesse is our therapy administrator. She loves to capture moments and memories in her free time. She also loves to take her dog, Cheeto, to the park and spend time with her wonderful fiancé, Kevin. Jalesse absolutely enjoys her position as the therapist administrator at Lake Pointe Wellness Center, and she loves seeing the progress of all the caring patients!

Scott Graham

Scott Graham is originally from Augusta, GA. He has a bachelors of science degree in biology from Augusta University. He comes to us with eight years of medical billing experience from a multi-specialty billing company in Augusta, GA. His interests include laboratory science, genetics, medical billing and making people smile.

Shari Murell

Shari is originally from Georgia and has many hobbies that she loves, including knitting, gardening, cooking and hanging out with her dog, Weezy, and her 3 cats. She was first introduced to chiropractic as a child. Her grandmother worked for Dr. Carswell in Decatur, GA, in the 1960s. She remembers accompanying her father. As he was being adjusted, she enjoyed playing with the articulated skeleton that was in the office.