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Does Massage Help Weight Loss

Photo by Jennifer Burk on Unsplash

Does massage help weight loss? This is a question that many people ask all the time! It may seem like the answer is, “No and how could it help with weight loss?” But is that the case? In this article, we will answer the question, “Does massage help weight loss?” and talk about how it…

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Thermographic Breast Exam Screening

Thermal Imaging “Visualizes” Pain, Injuries & Disease Thermography is the EARLIEST detection for breast disease because the digital, infrared technology monitors the function of the breast tissue to detect abnormal changes even BEFORE a tumor can develop which allows for the earliest possible intervention and prevention. The scanning is done without any pain, radiation, or…

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Headaches and Other Surprising Things Massage Can Help

Photo by Yoann Boyer on Unsplash

Massage can help you in many ways that you may not even think it could. It has been helping thousands of people with different ailments for centuries. Massage is something that everyone needs to get into. In this article, you will learn about headaches and other surprising things massage can help. What is Massage Therapy?…

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How Massage Helps Headaches

Massage helps headaches for many people all over the world. People are always searching for holistic cures for headaches on the internet. Headaches can be detrimental to people who suffer from them. If they are severe enough, they can completely incapacitate you. Massage is one of the best ways to get rid of headaches. In…

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How to Treat Chronic Pain without Medication

  Most people who seek to treat chronic pain without medication are focused on one of three problems. First, they feel that the pain medication is just masking their issue, and they want to pursue true healing. Secondly, pain medication has not been as effective at pain management as they hoped for. Lastly, people want…

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Which Massage Style Should a First Time Patient Choose?

  People going to a massage therapist for the first time often have a lot of questions. Are you going to have to undress? (Not if you don’t want to.) Is this going to hurt? (No, speak up if anything hurts you!) What kind of massage should I try first? (That answer… is a little…

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Natural Supplements for Headaches

Headaches are caused by a variety of reasons such as oxidation, a lack of blood flow, or nerve damage. Most people are familiar with over the counter pharmaceutical treatments such as Tylenol or ibuprofen. While these drugs may be effective in reducing the pain of headaches, they have many side effects such as heartburn or…

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Natural Ways To Relieve Pain

Lake Pointe Chiropractic and Wellness Center has you covered for natural pain relief solutions! Why not peruse our selection of nutritional supplements after an adjustment or a massage from one of our licensed massage therapists. Nutrition may be one of the last resources you think of to help reduce pain, but you’ll be surprised with…

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Massage Therapy For Arthritic Pain Relief

Arthritis is difficult to manage. But, did you know you can get a massage for this type of disorder?  Massage therapy has been found to lower a stress hormone called cortisol and increase a mood improving hormone called serotonin. Massage therapy also relieves pain and helps you sleep better by lowering Substance P, a neurotransmitter.…

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Ongoing Pain Keeping You From Summer Activities?

If you’re one of millions of people who suffer from ongoing pain in your neck, back, joints and other areas of your body, then you most likely feel the frustration of being told the x-rays show nothing wrong, your blood work looks fine, and a script for pain relievers should fix you right up. Ongoing…

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