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Archive for January 2018

What Happens When You See a Chiropractor


There are many reasons to go see a chiropractor, but some more serious than others. During pregnancy, babies can push in places that pinch the mother’s nerves that cause pain. After an accident, you may feel fine until a week later when your back and neck are sore. Sometimes, you have mystery pains that are…

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The Benefits of Acupuncture


We’ve all seen images of people with needles sticking out of their skin. Of course, this ancient practice, known as acupuncture, is widely used to help individuals with various issues. What are the benefits of this practice, and can it help you? What is Acupuncture Historians found the use of acupuncture in documents that date…

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Everything You Need to Know About Functional Medicine

functional medicine

Have you ever been afraid to go to your practitioner because you have been told before that it was all in your head? Many individuals have left the doctor’s office feeling hopeless because the pain and issues they feel are real and there are no answers. There is now a new way practitioners are helping…

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Can Supplements Help Digestive Problems?

digestive problems

It seems to be that, no matter where you look, there is always some kind of dietary advertisement for an easy solution to get healthy. However, the fine print often reveals a list of chemically-made ingredients that you probably should not consume. New businesses continue to pop up, promising to help you reach your weight loss…

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