Three Exercises to Help Heal Sports Injuries


Many people know that exercise and stretching help to heal sports injuries. But, they are unaware of what exercises to do. In this article, you will learn three exercises to help heal sports injuries.


Foam Roller Exercises

Using a foam roller to stretch the muscles is great to ease yourself into your sport again. Start off gentle, using the foam roller will probably hurt but this is normal. If you’re unsure of what to do with the foam roller, then look at this article written by Women’s Health about 7 awesome ways to use a foam roller.


Stretching Exercises

When trying to heal sports injuries, doing stretching exercises will help unless your doctor specifies otherwise. There are many different types of stretching exercises for all the areas of the body. To stretch the shoulders, try doing some arm circles stretches. To target the lower back, try the cat stretch or child’s pose. The cat stretch and child’s pose are commonly used in yoga. For the neck, use the chin to chest stretch. And for the abdominals, you can do the scissor kick stretch.


Plyometric Exercises

Plyometrics or plyometric exercises are a form of strengthening exercise, incorporating jumping, bounding and hopping movements, which works to increase power in the muscles. Power is used in the vast majority of all sports, so plyometrics can be used to help develop this for most athletes. There are many plyometric exercises you can try. Some are the plyo push-up, squat thrusters, reverse lunge with knee-ups, long jumps, and frog jump squats. All of these exercises will help build your strength up again and heal sports injuries.


Other Ways to Heal

Exercise is extremely helpful to help heal sports injuries, but there are other ways to heal to incorporate into your regimen. In between your exercises to help heal sports injuries, use the R.I.C.E method. This stands for Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation. Take time to rest and relax even for several minute intervals in your day. Any rest is better than none. Apply an ice pack for 10 to 15 minutes as soon as possible after an injury. Repeat the ice treatment each hour for the first four hours, then four times a day for the next two to three days. Protect your skin with a thin cloth, and don’t allow your skin to become red, blistered, or numb. For compression, pressure will help reduce swelling and inflammation. In most cases, a simple elastic bandage will suffice; it should be snug but not too tight. And for elevation, keep your sore foot or limb up on a hassock or put a pillow under it in bed.


These three exercises to help heal sports injuries will allow you to have a faster recovery. Remember to use a foam roller for sore muscles, stretching exercises, and plyometric exercises. Don’t forget to use the R.I.C.E method to heal the proper way. With these tips, you will soon be on your way to recovery!