How Cupping Therapy Helps Injuries Heal

Cupping therapy is an ancient Chinese practice that uses the power of suction to release muscle tension, improve blood flow, and help heal injuries. Though cupping therapy has many uses and techniques, it’s especially helpful for healing injuries. It does so in two main ways. First, it brings blood into the area to heal the damaged tissue. Second, it moves fluid accumulation out of the tissue so better circulation can last.


Brings blood into tissue

Cupping therapy works due to suction on the soft tissue. If you’ve recently undergone cupping therapy, your back may look like it was gripped by a giant squid. Soft bruising on the surface is not uncommon, as the suction can break capillaries near the skin. While bruising isn’t always pretty, it’s not harmful to the body. Capillaries break and repair all the time, often without us even knowing. When they break over an injury, they flood the area with oxygen and nutrient rich blood. Damaged cells get extra nutrition and oxygen as they begin the difficult work of repairing themselves.


Moves swelling out of tissue

While blood can help your injuries heal more quickly, fluid buildup does not. The swelling typically associated with an injury can prolong the healing process. This happens partially because it restricts blood flow to the area. Tense, tight, and injured muscles are starved for blood. The swelling that helps to heal soon bogs your body down and slows the healing process. As strange as it sounds, cupping therapy can literally move the fluid inside your body. It can pull it up and away from your injuries and guide it to areas of the body where it can more easily disperse. The difference that an inch can make can be enormous!


Relaxes muscles

Exercise is one of the best things you can do for an injured body part. You shouldn’t be running any marathons on a sprained back muscle, obviously, but gentle exercise can prevent the build up of fluids and promotes good circulation. Using your injured body part can also keep it flexible as it heals. Knowing that you should exercise and exercising are very different things, however. Especially when your injury is still very painful. Often, just releasing the tension in your muscles can reset your pain levels. It allows you more mobility. When used properly, you can leverage that into gentle exercise and a faster healing time than you’d otherwise face. Cupping therapy can work like a gentle but powerful massage, sucking away the tension and leaving your muscles ready to move.

Injuries are inevitable, but they don’t have to take forever to heal. Cupping therapy can help heal your injuries by reducing the swelling that slows the process. It can also put your nutrient-rich and oxygen-rich blood right where it’s needed most. With blood flooding, your ailing cells and muscle tension drastically lowered, you can find the level of activity that’s right for your injured body part to heal with flexibility and strength.