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Archive for March 2017

Best Foods to Combat Hypothyroidism

The thyroid manages everything from metabolism to reproductive health. Without this essential part of the endocrine system, your days will be bogged down with fatigue, weight gain, anxiety, and a plethora of other symptoms. Hypothyroidism is the kind of issue that introduces many patients to holistic medicine. Although most patients use artificial hormones, hypothyroidism is…

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Replacing Coffee with Energizing Supplements

Did you know caffeine is considered a pesticide? That buzz you enjoy after a cup of coffee, is caused by your red blood cells gasping for air.  Most people don’t know that caffeine temporarily limits your blood’s ability to carry oxygen. While coffee may shock you awake, it inevitably takes a toll on your system.…

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Treating Thyroid Problems with Acupuncture

Hormone imbalance is one of the most common and insidious medical problems people face today. These problems most often stem from a major gland, known as the thyroid. This gland works to regulate and produce hormones that govern the body’s various systems. Symptoms of a malfunctioning thyroid include emotional instability, sudden and dramatic weight gain or loss,…

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Five Holistic Habits to Support Weight Loss

Holistic medicine is all about healing by addressing the needs of the whole body rather than just the area that hurts, and few things boost your overall health like weight loss. Every treatment in holistic medicine has secondary benefits. Although weight loss is encouraged as treatment for many conditions, many other treatments help boost weight…

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