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Archive for January 2017

Five Yoga Poses to Prevent Foot and Ankle Injuries

Foot pain is one of the ultimate detriments to regular exercise and fitness. Pain corrodes resolve faster than anything else. Since just about every exercise, including basic things like standing and walking, rely on your feet, foot pain is especially frustrating. The best way to avoid this pain is to care for your feet and…

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How Your New Year Weight Resolutions Can Work

Worried about keeping your weight loss resolution this year? Maybe you’ve tried before and not met your goals, or maybe you’re worried about trying for the first time. Weight loss revolves around healthy eating and regular exercise, but changing your habits is hard. The secret to success is keeping yourself motivated, and we’ve put together…

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Controlling Your Shopping Cart

  As the holiday season comes to a close, new resolutions come into play, and suddenly everyone is aiming for weight loss and healthy eating. Maybe these are even the same resolutions from previous years. How can you make them stick this time around? To control what you eat, you need to control your shopping cart.…

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