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Natural Supplements to Support Flexibility

The best way to protect your body’s natural flexibility is to give it the nutrients it needs. It’s difficult to find foods that fully support every aspect of your health. Fortunately, natural supplements provide a safe way to improve your health as part of holistic medicine. The natural supplements listed below help combat diseases like arthritis, RH, and simple deterioration due to age. While they aren’t a cure for the underlying cause of these problems, they do limit or reverse symptoms. Each supports your natural flexibility in a unique way. Many of them target key obstacles to flexibility, such as inflammation and weakened joints. Each brings something unique to the mix.

Green Tea

Green tea isn’t just a tasty drink. It’s a king among natural supplements. Green tea treats all kinds of conditions and promotes flexibility several ways. It can stop the loss of bone mass and protects the delicate cartilage between bones, too. Besides protecting joint integrity, great tea also reduces swelling and inflammation, allowing you to move more easily with less pain. The polyphenols in green tea are what give this incredible supplement its power, and it’s packed with them.

Fish Oil

While the heart health benefits of fish oil are well known, this supplement also helps eye conditions, mental health issues, and even kidney problems. Fish oil provides great flexibility and fitness benefits. This includes aiding muscle mass, which is important for flexibility. Perhaps most surprising, fish oil helps limit muscle aches, which are a key detractor from personal fitness motivation.


Think of flax as the vegan alternative to fish oil. It’s high in Omega-3, and unlike animal sources of Omega-3, flax seeds and flax seed oil do not cause inflammation in arthritis patients. This supplement contains excellent anti-inflammatory properties and supports a strong immune system.


Turmeric works as a great pain reliever by reducing inflammation. It targets this problem through two different chemicals, which makes it twice as powerful. Supplements are most effective, but you can also use turmeric in cooking or apply it externally. Its pain relieving properties are so great, it’s even used to treat cancer patients.


Packed with vitamins, nettles provide a number of great benefits for those looking to improve their flexibility. Drinking nettle-leaf tea fights water retention, which can make your entire body swollen and stiff. Its various minerals and vitamins work against inflammation, and several elements multitask by building strong bones.

While these supplements work well individually, they also work in powerful combinations to boost flexibility and overall health. As wonderful as these benefits may sound, however, you should always speak with a doctor before beginning a supplement regimen. These supplements are powerful, and they may not interact well with other supplements or medications you’re already taking. Not all supplements are suited for every patient, either. For example, flax seeds can aggravate the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome. Holistic medicine involves paying attention to your entire body and its full spectrum of needs. Remember, the right supplements may help multiple issues, even if you begin taking them purely for flexibility.