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Home Remedies for Plantar Fasciitis (Heel Pain)

An athlete’s body is designed to accomplish incredible feats of strength and endurance. From hiking treacherous terrain to dashing long miles on uncertain grounds, you are capable of doing amazing things. With all of your training for these activities, your feet can take a beating. Take the time to learn warning signs of plantar fasciitis,…

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Sciatica in Pregnant Women

Sciatica is very common condition during pregnancy, especially in the last trimester. The sciatic nerve starts in the lower back, runs down each leg and into the feet. There are many different causes of sciatica in pregnant women, but the most common are inflammation or pressure on the lower back causing sciatic nerve pain. In…

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What is a Stroke? Causes, Symptoms and Getting Help

Lately, I’ve seen more and more young people suffer from cerebral vascular accidents, commonly known as strokes. Historically we’ve thought of strokes as an old person’s disease, but the condition affects a growing number of young people nowadays. So, I wanted to explain what strokes are, what causes them and how you can identify and…

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