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Archive for June 2014

Exercise Counseling For Senior Mobility

Everyone knows that exercise has health benefits, but for seniors, it is especially important. A new study shows that it doesn’t just make the elderly healthier, but helps them prevent disability. Part of the problem is traditional exercise can be difficult for older adults with issues like chronic pain or arthritis. Exercise Counseling can help…

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7 Things To Know About Your Muscles

Your muscles are a series of interconnected, complex tissues that are full of protein filaments of actin and myosin, that also enable you to blast away calories and fat for a healthy lifestyle. So, in order to yield the best results from your exercise routines, you must know how your muscles work. 1. Muscles can…

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Ongoing Pain Keeping You From Summer Activities?

If you’re one of millions of people who suffer from ongoing pain in your neck, back, joints and other areas of your body, then you most likely feel the frustration of being told the x-rays show nothing wrong, your blood work looks fine, and a script for pain relievers should fix you right up. Ongoing…

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