Beating The Pregnancy Blues


Accommodating Your Body During Pregnancy

Most commonly, a pregnant woman will lie on her side with special pillows that allow her to stay comfortable in that position. However, special tables are used to accommodate a pregnant woman’s belly. Various targeted parts of the body will be massaged depending on what the situation is. For a woman that’s experiencing neck or back pain from carrying that baby weight, a neck or back massage will be just what the doctor ordered. In some cases, more care has to be given when massaging other areas of the body, particularly the legs and abdomen area.

There’s a risk of blood clots in a pregnant woman’s upper leg and thigh area, so deep massages in those areas are usually avoided to prevent risk. The same applies to early-stage pregnancy and deep massage in the abdomen. Miscarriages can perhaps happen during early stages of pregnancy, and that means proper massage technique is imperative. While all pregnant women should consult a doctor first before doing massage, the benefits of relieving stress and depression are being noted.

Pregnancy Stress and Bouts of Depression

So much stress can be reduced for pregnant women by using massage therapy. It decreases the stress hormone called norepinephrine and reduces overall feelings of anxiety. It also decreases pain in the legs and back that are frequent problems during pregnancy. If your hormones are bringing on bouts of depression, massage can increase dopamine and serotonin that are both key factors in helping people feel good. Because many pregnant women suffer from depression long before postpartum depression manifests, it proves how valuable message therapy can be during a pregnancy’s nine-month duration.
Some of the typical massage techniques used for this are the relaxing deep-tissue massage and Swedish massage.

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