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Archive for November 2013

Muscle Tension Causing Aching Pains?

Muscle tension may be causing your constant pain in your back,  neck and shoulders. Muscular tension, which places extra stresses on the spine, stretches the ligaments, and distorts body posture can cause back problems. And, for many days, weeks and months, it’s easy to just go around carrying this muscle tension that leads to terrible…

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Pain In The Neck – Bad Posture To Blame?

What’s Causing Your Pain? In today’s work environment, posture might not seem all that important. Many US workers spend countless hours seated in front of a computers without considering the impact on their own health. After all, being seated in front of a computer or standing at a retail station doesn’t sound hazardous to one’s…

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A Holistic Health Approach

There is no question that advancements in modern, Western medicine have done the world a great deal of good. That being said, somewhere along the line, the field of medicine began to focus in on specific ailments and stopped seeing patients as what they are — people. That helps explain why we follow a holistic…

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Freedom of Movement For Seniors

Limited mobility is very commonly seen among seniors Arthritic pain is one of the top reasons why many seniors are unable to walk without being in pain and it is the reason seniors stop enjoy their outdoor activities. This is unfortunate, since overall health tends to decline as mobility declines. Loss of mobility also contributes…

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Pain Relief From Muscle Tension

Muscle tension may be the enemy of your back, but holistic healthcare can ease muscular tension through relaxation techniques. Muscular tension places extra stress on your spine, stretches ligaments, and distorts body posture. And, more obviously, muscle tension causes pain! At Lake Pointe Chiropractic and Wellness Center, we aim to: correct any spinal misalignment restore…

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